Jasmin Rogg

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I believe that childhood suffering can dominate a person throughout life, causing anxiety, depression, addiction and other problems. I work with my clients on identifying, processing and gradually healing childhood trauma In therapy I utilize a variety of techniques.

This includes the exploration of memories, traumatic childhood experiences, and current thought and behavior patterns, as well as processing of emotions, and interpretation of mental content and dreams.

My patients are encouraged to participate also in a few Minutes of daily practice to support recovery and improved wellbeing.

This includes mindfulness, breathing exercises, meditation, positive affirmations, reading, or writing.

Psychotherapy can support you in establishing a solid foundation for ongoing recovery without falling prey to emotional relapse triggers and self-sabotaging behaviors. It is an excellent adjunct to twelve-step programs.

Jasmin Rogg is a psychotherapist in private practice in Silver Lake (Los Angeles). In the seventies, Jasmin moved to California from her native Germany in order to study psychology at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University, graduating with a MA degree in Counseling Psychology. Her family background is Jewish-Romanian-Italian. She is bilingual in English and German, and also speaks some Romanian and French.